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University of Nebraska Public Policy Center

Dr. Nancy Shank Speaks to Strive to Thrive Lincoln

Dr. Nancy Shank of the University of Nebraska Public Policy Center spoke to the management class behind Strive to Thrive Lincoln and encouraged them to “envision new things for Lincoln.” Dr. Shank spoke about the Lincoln Vital Signs report, sharing data about Lincoln’s well-being and needs. The report presents data about Lincoln over time and in comparison to other jurisdictions in the following areas: Community Profile, Economy & Workforce, Basic Needs, Education, Health, and Safety & Security. Visit to see the report.

“The data is crucial to the class’ understanding of community deficits and needs. We look forward to using the information to form our mission statement, regarding funding priorities.” – Amber Messersmith

Strive to Thrive Lincoln is a University of Nebraska-Lincoln College of Business management class focusing on how to lead people and projects. Under the guidance of Amber Messersmith, lecturer in management at UNL, students learn how to initiate a funding process, create a grant application, evaluate applications and make decisions on providing grants for community betterment. This semester, the class will select two organizations that will each receive a $5,000 grant. Learn more about this project.

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