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University of Nebraska Public Policy Center

Public Policy Center Guiding K-12 Schools in Disaster Preparedness

The University of Nebraska Public Policy Center is collaborating with the Nebraska Department of Education on a five-year grant to help Nebraska schools develop emergency operations plans. “The project is two-fold,” said Denise Bulling, senior research director with the Public Policy Center and expert in disaster response. “One is to enhance the ability of the Nebraska Department of Education to offer technical assistance with developing these plans, and two is to increase the quality of emergency operations plans within K-12 schools.”

The project, which was funded by the United States Department of Education, began in 2018. Associates with the Public Policy Center wrote the grant with NDE, collaborated with NDE and state agencies to develop training materials, conducted trainings, and are evaluating exercises to measure the progress of Nebraska K-12 public schools toward having quality emergency operations plans.

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