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University of Nebraska Public Policy Center

Faculty Collaboration

The University of Nebraska Public Policy Center’s mission is to link policy with research, process, and practice. In order to accomplish that mission, we frequently partner with University of Nebraska faculty across a range of disciplines to translate scientific understanding into policy impacts; to bridge the gap between ideas and action. This happens in a variety of ways, such as:

  • Connecting faculty to community partners;
  • Performing data collection and analyses;
  • Conducting program evaluations;
  • Disseminating findings to policymakers;
  • Co-authoring scholarly articles and applied reports;
  • Developing grant proposals;
  • Managing financial and programmatic reporting;
  • Contributing content expertise in a variety of areas; and,
  • Facilitating strategic planning.

The Center has been awarded research and implementation grants from many federal agencies, as well as state and local government, and private philanthropic organizations. Over the past two years alone, Center staff have partnered with faculty representing all colleges within the University of Nebraska-Lincoln campus; this includes over 75 faculty from over 50 departments.  Contact us to explore the ways we can partner with you.

Mario Scalora, PhD, Director