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University of Nebraska Public Policy Center

Faculty Collaboration

Established in 1998, the University of Nebraska Public Policy Center links policy with research, process, and practice. The Center collaborates with faculty to translate scientific understanding into policy impacts in a variety of ways:

  • Connect faculty to community partners and networks;
  • Facilitate policy utilization;
  • Assist in data collection and analyses;
  • Conduct program evaluation;
  • Disseminate findings to policymakers;
  • Co-author scholarly articles and applied reports;
  • Develop grant proposals;
  • Manage financial and programmatic reporting; and,
  • Contribute content expertise in a variety of areas.


The Center has been awarded research and implementation grants from many federal agencies, as well as state and local government, and private philanthropic organizations. In the past year, the Center has worked with UNL faculty from 40 different departments on over 60 different projects and proposals.


Contact us to explore how we might partner with you.

Mario Scalora, PhD, Director