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Carbon Sequestration Project

Center researchers examined the viability of carbon sequestration (the long-term storage of carbon in the terrestrial biosphere, underground, or the oceans so that the buildup of carbon dioxide concentration in the atmosphere will be reduced or slowed) as a commodity from legal, social, and policy perspectives. Special attention was paid to whether there were market […]

Chronic Mental Health: Improving Outcomes through Ambulatory Care Coordination–Southeast Nebraska Behavioral Health Information

The University of Nebraska Public Policy Center researched user adoption and clinical outcomes related to the development of the Electronic Behavioral Health Information Network (eBHIN). eBHIN is a health information exchange in Nebraska’s Behavioral Health Region V. Appropriate and timely care coordination contributes significantly to improved behavioral health outcomes for patients with chronic mental illness. […]

Family Integration Difficulties in Internationally Adopted Children in Catalonia

Cebador, E., Soria, M. A., Lovelle, I., & Viñas, R. (2013). Integración familiar en menores adoptados internacionalmente en Cataluña [Family integration difficulties in internationally adopted children in Catalonia]. In Arce, R., Fariña, F., Novo, M., & Seijo, D. (Eds.), Psicología Jurídica Aplicada a los Problemas Sociales. Colección Psicología y Ley 11 [Judicial Psychology Applied to Social […]