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Targeted Violence and Threat Assessment

Viñas-Racionero, R., & Scalora, M. (2018). La violencia hacia un objetivo y el asesoramiento de amenazas [Targeted violence and threat assessment].In Soria-Verde, M. A., Gordo-Alarcon, X., & Villalba-García, D. (Eds.), Criminología, Criminalística e Investigación[Criminonology, Forensics, and Investigation] (pp. 741-773). GDL – Grupo Distribuidor Latinoamericano SAS.

Obssesive Relational Intrusion and Perceptions of Stalking in Spanish University Student

Cano-González, I., Viñas-Racionero, R., Soria-Verde, M. A., & Scalora, M. (2018). Obsessive Relational Intrusion y percepción del acoso en estudiantes universitarios españoles. [Obssesive Relational Intrusion and perceptions of stalking in Spanish university student.]. In Carbonell, E., Pineda, D., & Novo, M. (Eds.), Psicología Jurídica: Ciencia y profesión. Colección Psicología y Ley 15 [Judicial psychology: Science and profesión. Psychology and Law Collection 15] (pp. 69-84). Sociedad […]

Calibration in Court: Jurors’ Use of Scientific Information

As information becomes increasingly accessible, people are processing more, and more complex, information than ever before. Often this information contains, or is based on, scientific research. The validity and reliability of various kinds of scientific information varies widely, and laypeople are poorly equipped to differentiate between weak and strong scientific information when making decisions—that is, […]