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Institutional Trust: An Introduction

Bornstein, B. H., & Tomkins, A. J. (2015). Institutional trust: An introduction. In B. H. Bornstein & A. J. Tomkins (Eds.), Motivating cooperation and compliance with authority: The role of institutional trust. Nebraska Symposium on Motivation, 62, (pp. 1-11). Springer.

Development of a Suite of Demonstration Videos for Introductory Astronomy

In this NSF funded project (DUE-1245679), PPC researchers designed a study consisting of a series of tests to apply to videos developed by UNL’s Department of Physics and Astronomy that teach basic concepts in astronomy and physics. These videos are intended for use in introductory undergraduate courses. Approximately 150 students participated in this study, which […]

Do ‘Nudge’ Policies affect Free Will and Public Trust?

“Nudges,” or small changes in the way options are presented to people, exert powerful effects on behavior. Both the U.K. and U.S. governments have taken notice of research documenting these effects and nudge-related policies have been developed to influence citizens’ behaviors. However, no one knows how citizens perceive these policies. Under what conditions are such […]

Institutional Trust and Confidence: An Interdisciplinary Workshop

This NSF funded workshop (SES-1353980) focused on advancing trust scholarship by bringing together senior and junior scholars from a variety of social science disciplines who share interest in moving toward developing truly interdisciplinary, cohesive and comprehensive theories of institutional trust. In April of 2014, scholars from around the world convened at UNL. The workshop was […]