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Testing the Implementation and Sustainment Facilitation (ISF) Strategy as an Effective Adjunct to the Addiction Technology Transfer Center (ATTC) Strategy-Study Protocol for a Cluster Randomized Trial

Garner, B. R., Zehner, M, Roosa, M., Martino, S., Gotham, H. J., Ball, E. L. Stilen, P., Speck, K., Vandersloot, D., Rieckmann, T. R., Chaple, M., Martin, E. G., Kaiser, D. & Ford, J. H. (2017) Testing the implementation and sustainment facilitation (ISF) strategy as an effective adjunct to the Addiction Technology Transfer Center (ATTC) […]

Testing the Effectiveness of a Motivational Interviewing-Based Brief Intervention for Substance Use as an Adjunct to Usual Care in Community-Based AIDS Service Organizations-Study Protocol for a Multisite Randomized Controlled Trial

Garner, B. R., Gotham, H. J., Tueller, S. J., Ball, E. L., Kaiser, D., Stilen, P., Speck, K., Vandersloot, D., Rieckmann, T. R., Chaple, M., Martin, E. G., & Marino, S. (2017). Testing the effectiveness of a motivational interviewing-based brief intervention for substance use as an adjunct to usual care in community-based AIDS service organizations: […]

Nebraska System of Care Evaluation

The Nebraska System of Care (NeSOC) creates a comprehensive and sustainable system of care that is youth guided, family-driven, trauma-informed and culturally responsive to improve outcomes for children and youth with serious emotional disturbances and their families. Public Policy Center researchers will work with partners to collect service-level data on individuals and families to complete […]

Evaluation of Integrated Mental/Physical Health 360 Program

Individuals with serious mental illness or substance use issues generally have more serious physical health problems than the general population; yet this population has difficulty accessing appropriate medical care through the traditional health care system. Lutheran Family Services and People’s Health Center have developed the Health 360 program, a new integrated approach which provides behavioral […]

Ending Chronic Homelessness: Evaluation

The Public Policy Center will serve as the program evaluator for a three-year project aiming to end chronic homelessness in Lincoln, NE. Through a collaboration of Region V Behavioral Health Systems, CenterPointe, and the Mental Health Association, the project will provide housing, behavioral health treatment, and peer and employment supports to persons experiencing chronic homelessness […]