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University of Nebraska Public Policy Center

Other Publications

Using Public Engagements to Provide Input and Insights into Policy, Legal, Ethical, and Other Impacts of Science

Pytlik Zillig, L. M., Tomkins, A. J., Muhlberger, P., Pardy, R. L., Morris, T. J., Dzenis, Y. A., … Collins, T. P. (2011). Using public engagements to provide input and insights into policy, legal, ethical, and other impacts of science. The International Journal of Science in Society, 2(3), 273–290.

Author: Lisa PytlikZillig, Alan Tomkins,

Science Policy

Herian, M. N. (2010) Science policy in P. Quirk & W. Cunion (Eds.), Governing America: Major policies and decisions of federal, state, and local government. New York, NY: Facts on File.

Author: N/A,