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Other Publications

A Drone by Any Other Name: Purposes, End-User Trustworthiness, and Framing, but not Terminology, Affect Public Support for Drones

PytlikZillig, L. M., Duncan, B., Elbaum, S., & Detweiler, C. (2018). A drone by any other name: Purposes, end-user trustworthiness, and framing, but not terminology, affect public support for drones. IEEE Technology & Society Magazine, March, 80-91. Doi: 10.1109/MTS.2018.2795121

Author: Lisa PytlikZillig, Brittany Duncan, Carrick Detweiler,

Targeted Violence and Threat Assessment

Viñas-Racionero, R., & Scalora, M. (2018). La violencia hacia un objetivo y el asesoramiento de amenazas [Targeted violence and threat assessment].In Soria-Verde, M. A., Gordo-Alarcon, X., & Villalba-García, D. (Eds.), Criminología, Criminalística e Investigación [Criminonology, Forensics, and Investigation] (pp. 741-773). GDL – Grupo Distribuidor Latinoamericano SAS.

Author: Rosa Vinas-Racionero, Mario Scalora,

Obsessive Relational Intrusion and Perceptions of Stalking in Spanish University Student

Cano-González, I., Viñas-Racionero, R., Soria-Verde, M. A., & Scalora, M. (2018). Obsessive Relational Intrusion y percepción del acoso en estudiantes universitarios españoles. [Obssesive Relational Intrusion and perceptions of stalking in Spanish university student.]. In Carbonell, E., Pineda, D., & Novo, M. (Eds.), Psicología Jurídica: Ciencia y profesión. Colección Psicología y Ley 15 [Judicial psychology: Science and profesión. Psychology and Law Collection 15] (pp. 69-84). Sociedad […]

Author: Rosa Vinas-Racionero, Mario Scalora,

Testing the Implementation and Sustainment Facilitation (ISF) Strategy as an Effective Adjunct to the Addiction Technology Transfer Center (ATTC) Strategy-Study Protocol for a Cluster Randomized Trial

Garner, B. R., Zehner, M, Roosa, M., Martino, S., Gotham, H. J., Ball, E. L. Stilen, P., Speck, K., Vandersloot, D., Rieckmann, T. R., Chaple, M., Martin, E. G., Kaiser, D. & Ford, J. H. (2017) Testing the implementation and sustainment facilitation (ISF) strategy as an effective adjunct to the Addiction Technology Transfer Center (ATTC) […]

Author: Kate Speck,

Testing the Effectiveness of a Motivational Interviewing-Based Brief Intervention for Substance Use as an Adjunct to Usual Care in Community-Based AIDS Service Organizations-Study Protocol for a Multisite Randomized Controlled Trial

Garner, B. R., Gotham, H. J., Tueller, S. J., Ball, E. L., Kaiser, D., Stilen, P., Speck, K., Vandersloot, D., Rieckmann, T. R., Chaple, M., Martin, E. G., & Marino, S. (2017). Testing the effectiveness of a motivational interviewing-based brief intervention for substance use as an adjunct to usual care in community-based AIDS service organizations: […]

Author: Kate Speck,

Prompting Deliberation about Nanotechnology: Information, Instruction, and Discussion Effects on Individual Engagement and Knowledge

PytlikZillig, L., Gonzalez, F., Hutchens, M. J., & Muhlberger, P. (2017). Prompting deliberation about nanotechnology: Information, instruction, and discussion effects on individual engagement and knowledge. Journal of Public Deliberation 13(2), 1-31.

Author: Peter Muhlberger, Lisa PytlikZillig, Alan Tomkins,

Changes in J-SOAP-II and SAVRY Scores Over the Course of Residential, Cognitive-Behavioral Treatment for Adolescent Sexual Offending

Viljoen, J. L., Gray, A. L., Shaffer, C., Latzman, N. E., Scalora, M. J., & Ullman, D. (2017). Changes in J-SOAP-II and SAVRY scores over the course of residential, cognitive-behavioral treatment for adolescent sexual offending. Sexual Abuse: A Journal of Research and Treatment, 29(4), 342-374.

Author: Mario Scalora,

Privileged Communications of Military Chaplains and Mental Health Professionals: Case Law of Military Rules of Evidence 503 and 513

Abdel-Monem, T., DeKraai, M., & Bulling, D. (2017). Privileged communications of military chaplains and mental health professionals: Case law of Military Rules of Evidence 503 and 513. Military Law Review, 225(1), 289-345.

Author: Tarik Abdel Monem, Denise Bulling,