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University of Nebraska Public Policy Center

Other Publications

Collaborating Across the Departments of Veterans Affairs and Defense to Integrate Mental Health and Chaplaincy Services

Nieuwsma, J. A., Jackson, G. L., DeKraai, M. B., Bulling, D. J., Cantrell, W. C., Rhodes, J. E., & Meador, K. G. (2014). Collaborating across the Departments of Veterans Affairs and Defense to integrate mental health and chaplaincy services. Journal of General Internal Medicine, 29, S885-S894.

Author: Denise Bulling,

Perceived Impacts of a Public HealthTraining Center Field Placement Program Among Trainees: Findings from a Small Group Externship Experience

Johansson, P., Grimm, B., Abdel-Monem, T., Hoffman, S. J., DeKraai, M., & McMillan, A. (2014). Perceived impacts of a public health training center field placement program among trainees: Findings from a small group externship experience. Frontiers in Public Health, 2, art. 67. doi: 10.3389/fpubh.2014.00067.

Author: Tarik Abdel Monem, Stacey J. Hoffman,

Farmer Perceptions of Climate Change and Climate Education Needs for the Central Great Plains

Cambell Hibbs, A., Champion, B., PytlikZillig, L. M., Kahl, D. W., Abdel-Monem, T., Steffensmeier, T., Rice, C. W., & Hubbard, K. (2014). Farmer perceptions of climate change and climate education needs for the Central Great Plains. Journal of Extension, 52(3), Article#3FEA2.

Author: Tarik Abdel Monem, Lisa PytlikZillig,