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University of Nebraska Public Policy Center

Other Publications

The Varieties of Individual Engagement (VIE) Scales: Confirmatory Factor Analyses across Two Samples and Contexts

PytlikZillig, L. M., Hutchens, M., Muhlberger, P., Wang, S., Harris, R., Neiman, J., & Tomkins, A. J. (2013). The varieties of individual engagement (VIE) scales: Confirmatory factor analysis across two samples and contexts. Journal of Public Deliberation, 9(2), art. 8.

Author: Lisa PytlikZillig, Alan Tomkins,

Evaluation Report of the Great Plains Public Heath Training Center July 1, 2012 to June 30, 2013 (Year 2)

Abdel-Monem, T., Hoffman, S., & DeKraai, M. (2013, October). Evaluation report of the Great Plains Public Health Training Center for the reporting period of July 1, 2012 to June 30, 2013 (Year 2). University of Nebraska Public Policy Center. Unpublished report.

Author: Tarik Abdel Monem, Stacey J. Hoffman,

Fostering Climate Change Education in the Central Great Plains: A Public Engagement Approach

PytlikZillig, L. M., Steffensmeier, T., Cambell Hibbs, A., Champion, B., Hunt, E. D., Harrington, J., Jr., & Kahl, D. (2013). Fostering climate change education in the Central Great Plains: A public engagement approach. International Journal of Sustainability, 8(1), 161-177.

Author: Tarik Abdel Monem, Lisa PytlikZillig,

Family Integration Difficulties in Internationally Adopted Children in Catalonia

Cebador, E., Soria, M. A., Lovelle, I., & Viñas, R. (2013). Integración familiar en menores adoptados internacionalmente en Cataluña [Family integration difficulties in internationally adopted children in Catalonia]. In Arce, R., Fariña, F., Novo, M., & Seijo, D. (Eds.), Psicología Jurídica Aplicada a los Problemas Sociales. Colección Psicología y Ley 11 [Judicial Psychology Applied to Social […]

Author: Rosa Vinas-Racionero,

Stress and Emotional Well-Being in Military Organizations

Harms, P. D., Krasikova, D. V., Vanhove, A. J., Herian, M. N., & Lester, P. B. (2013). Stress and emotional well-being in military organizations. In Perrewe, P., Halbesleben, J., & Rosen, C. (Eds.), The role of emotional and emotion regulation. Research in occupational stress and well-being Vol. 11, (pp. 103-132). Emerald Group Publishing Limited.

Author: N/A,