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University of Nebraska Public Policy Center

Other Publications

Deconstructing Public Confidence in State Courts

Hamm, J.  A., PytlikZillig, L. M., Herian, M. N., Bornstein, B. H., Tomkins, A. J., & Hoffman, L. (2013). Deconstructing public confidence in state courts. Journal of Trust Research, 3, 11-31.

Deliberation Models Featuring Youth Participation

Bulling,D. J., Carson, L., DeKraai, M., Garcia, A., & Raisio, H. (2013). Deliberation models featuring youth participation. International Journal of Child, Youth & Family Studies, 4(3.1), 409-432.

Stress and Emotional Well-Being in Military Organizations

Harms, P.D., Krasikova, D.V., Vanhove, A.J., Herian, M. N., and P. B. Lester. (2013). Stress and Emotional Well-Being in Military Organizations. In P. Perrewe, J. Halbesleben, and C. Rosen (Eds.) Research in Occupational Stress and Well-Being: Vol. 11. The Role of Emotional and Emotion Regulation. Emerald Group Publishing, 103-132.