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University of Nebraska Public Policy Center

Peer Reviewed Publications

The Dialogue: A Quarterly Technical Assistance Bulletin on Disaster Behavioral Health

Bulling, D., Clark, M.S., Harlan, R., Harvey, J., Hoffman, S., Jackson, J., Nykodym, M., & Thomas, F. (2012). Nebraska Strong: Umonon flood recovery project. The Dialogue: A quarterly technical assistance bulletin on disaster behavioral health. Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, 8(4), 15-16.

Author: Stacey J. Hoffman, Denise Bulling,

Disaster Mental Health

Bulling, D., & Abdel‐Monem, T. (2012). Disaster mental health. In A. Jamieson & A. Moenssens (Eds.) Wiley Encyclopedia of Forensic Science (pp. 760‐764). New York: John Wiley.

Author: Tarik Abdel Monem, Denise Bulling,

An Experiment in E-Rulemaking with Natural Language Processing and Democratic Deliberation

Muhlberger, P., Stromer-Galley, J., & Webb, N. (2012). An Experiment in E-Rulemaking with Natural Language Processing and Democratic Deliberation. In K. Kloby & M. J. D’Agostino (Eds.), Citizen 2.0: Public and Governmental Interaction Through Web 2.0 Technologies (pp. 23–40). Hershey, PA: IGI Global Publishers.

Author: Peter Muhlberger,

Public Participation, Procedural Fairness and Evaluations of Local Governance: The Moderating Role of Uncertainty

Herian, M. N., Hamm J. A., Tomkins A. J., & Pytlik-Zillig L. M. (2012). Public participation, procedural fairness and evaluations of local governance: The moderating role of uncertainty. Journal of Public Administration Research and Theory, Online. DOI:10.1093/jopart/mur064

Author: Lisa PytlikZillig, Alan Tomkins,

Public Input for City Budgeting Using E-input, Face to Face Discussions, and Random Sample Surveys

Tomkins, A. J., Hoppe, R. D., Herian, M. N., PytlikZillig, L. M., Abdel-Monem, T., & Shank, N. C. (2012). Public input for city budgeting using e-input, face-to-face discussions, and random sample surveys: The willingness of an American community to increase taxes. Proceedings of the European Conference on e-Government (Vol. 2), 12, 698-707.

Author: Alan Tomkins, Lisa PytlikZillig, Tarik Abdel Monem, Nancy Shank,