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University of Nebraska Public Policy Center

Peer Reviewed Publications

Liability of Professional and Volunteer Mental Health Practitioners in the Wake of disasters A Framework for Further Considerations

Abdel-Monem, T., & Bulling, D. (2005). Liability of professional and volunteer mental health practitioners in the wake of disasters: A framework for further considerations.  Behavioral Sciences and the Law, 23, 573-90.

Author: Tarik Abdel Monem, Denise Bulling,

Some Initial Ideas About Implementation of a Child-centered, Neighborhood-based Child Protection System

Tomkins, A. J., & Olson, K. A. (2002). Some initial ideas about implementation of a child-centered, neighborhood-based child protection system: Impressions from focus groups in Nebraska. In G. B. Melton, R. A. Thompson, & M. A. Small (Eds.), Toward a Child-centered, Neighborhood-based Child Protection System: A Report of the Consortium on Children, Families, and the […]

Author: Alan Tomkins,