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University of Nebraska Public Policy Center

Peer Reviewed Publications

Creating Caring Communities: The Need for Structural Change

Small, M.A., Melton, G.B., Olson, K.A., & Tomkins, A.J. (2002). Creating caring communities: The need for structural change. In G.B. Melton, R. A. Thompson, & M. A. Small (Eds.), Toward a child-centered, neighborhood-based child protection system: A Report of the Consortium on Children, Families, and the Law (pp. 263-279). Wesport, CT: Praeger.

Author: Alan Tomkins,

Clinical Practice and Violence Risk Assessment: Availability of MacArthur Risk Factors

Elbogen, E. B., Mercado, C., Tomkins, A. J., & Scalora, M. J. (2001). Clinical practice and violence risk assessment: Availability of MacArthur risk factors. In D. Farrington, C. R. Hollin, & M. McMurran (Eds.), Sex and violence: The psychology of crimes and risk assessment (pp. 38-55). New York: Routledge.

Author: Alan Tomkins, Mario Scalora,

Government Regulation: State Regulation of Psychology

Tomkins, A. J., & Shuman, D. W. (2000). Government regulation: State regulation of psychology. In A. E. Kazdin (Ed.), The Encyclopedia of Psychology (Volume 4, pp. 2-4) New York: Oxford University Press; Washington, D.C.: American Psychological Association.

Author: Alan Tomkins,

Use of the Internet for at-risk Families Receiving Service Coordination

Shank, N.C., Roesch, S.C., Murphy-Berman, V. A., & Wright, G. F. (1996). Use of the Internet for at-risk families receiving service coordination. In B. Glastonbury (Ed.), Dreams and Realities Information Technology in the Human Services (pp. 133-147). STAKES: National Research and Development Centre for Welfare and Health.

Author: Nancy Shank,