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University of Nebraska Public Policy Center

Peer Reviewed Publications

Social Justice and Water Sustainability and Management

Bornstein, B.H., Tomkins, A.J., Michaels, S., Samal, A., Nam, Y., Zellmer, S. Hoagland, K., & Olson, D. (2009).Social justice and water sustainability and management. In A. Kakanowski & M. Narusevich (Eds.), Handbook of Social Justice. (pp. 271-282). Hauppauge, NY: Nova Science Publishers.

Constructs of Justice: Beyond Civil Litigation

Tomkins, A.J. & Applequist, K. (2008).Constructs of justice: Beyond civil litigation. In B.H. Bornstein, R.L. Wiener, R.F. Schopp, & S.L. Willborn (Eds.), Civil Juries and Civil Justice: Psychological and Legal Perspectives (pp. 257-272). New York: Springer.