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University of Nebraska Public Policy Center

Central Great Plains Climate Education Partnership

The Central Great Plains Climate Education Partnership (CGP-CEP) was formed to create a strategic plan for enhancing climate education of three primary target groups: agricultural producers, K-12 educators, and rural communities. The Public Policy Center, High Plains Regional Climate Center, National Center for Research on Rural Education, Institute for Civic Discourse and Democracy, KSU Office of Sustainability, Soil Carbon Center, KSU Research & Extension Service, and the Center for Science Education all worked together to increase the capacity to reach rural stakeholders in the Central Great Plains, refine and test the project’s strategic plan, and to conduct baseline and pilot research relevant to the strategic plan.

Broader impacts of the project enhanced the effectiveness of strategic planning efforts and thereby affecting a substantial number of educators, agricultural producers, and rural community members. The project involved 1,000-2,000 survey respondents who were asked explicitly to think about their knowledge and understanding of climate science. Strategic Plan development involved an additional 100 stakeholders, allowing the partnership to build on their expertise and influencing them to examine their values and needs pertaining to climate change education. Finally, students involved in the experimental research (as participants and as mentored research assistants) were exposed to climate educational materials and information in a manner likely to enhance their scientific understanding and climate literacy.

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