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University of Nebraska Public Policy Center

Civic Health Partnership

The Public Policy Center, as a member of the Nebraska Civic Health Partnership spearheaded by Nebraskans for Civic Reform, have put together the first-ever Civic Health Index for the state of Nebraska. This Index is designed to be an interactive tool with targeted action items for all Nebraska communities to increase civic health and retain informed and engaged residents. Through varied strategies, the report will reach community members and leaders in a meaningful and action focused way. The Civic Health Index documents things like Nebraskans’ rates of interacting with neighbors, volunteerism, voting, and levels of involvement in politics.

The goal of creating and sharing this index is to reach out to communities statewide, engage them, and then facilitate interactive conversation about civic health in Nebraska including action steps for those communities. These goals will be achieved through both institutional and individual outreach, as well as efforts by the Nebraska Civic Health Partnership.

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