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University of Nebraska Public Policy Center

Community Assessment & Education to Promote Behavioral Health Planning and Evaluation (CAPE) Phase II: Innovation Communities

The Public Policy Center teamed up with several Lincoln organizations to identify behavioral health data that provide insights into community trends. Through this project, existing administrative data was compiled to increase community knowledge about behavioral health and created a context for behavioral health system action. One of four “innovation community” projects across the United States, this pilot program demonstrated how the administrative data available in many communities may be used as the basis for early warning about changes in behavioral health services and needs.

The project built upon the community education and engagement structure developed through Lincoln Vital Signs and Prosper Lincoln. A behavioral health key informant panel confirmed the behavioral health early warning metrics and developed solutions to address emerging challenges. The panel included experts in behavioral health scholarship and practice, including individuals with administrative and policymaking authority that are in a position to make changes to behavioral health system practices.

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