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University of Nebraska Public Policy Center

Dynamics and trade-offs among social, economic, and ecological components of resilience in working agricultural landscapes Internal NU FEWS seed grant

A grand challenge for humanity is to supply increasing food and energy demands imposed by a growing human population while preserving food, energy, and water systems’ critical services.  This project supported development of a multi-disciplinary team to nurture projects assessing the interactions and adaptations of working agricultural landscapes on human decision-making and of human decision-making on working agricultural landscapes. The team was organized around the overall theme of the Platte River Basin geographic location. The team has been actively involved in this area with the following outcomes:

  • National Science Foundation 5-year award to establish the NSF Research Traineeship program ($2,998,886) Click here to see more about this program.
  • Two proposals submitted to NSF’s Dynamics of Coupled Natural and Human Systems program
  • One proposal submitted to NSF’s Innovations at the Nexus of Food, Energy and Water Systems program
  • Two proposals to the University of Nebraska System Science Collaborative Initiative
  • One proposal to the NASA Earth Science Applications: Water Resources program, in partnership with the Nebraska Department of Natural Resources, other NU faculty, and a private consulting firm
  • Social and Behavioral Sciences Research Consortium (SBSRC) Seed Grant to facilitate the University of Nebraska Public Policy Center’s participation in this project.
  • Publication of several peer-reviewed scholarly articles (see below)

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