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Evaluation of Integrated Mental/Physical Health 360 Program

Individuals with serious mental illness or substance use issues generally have more serious physical health problems than the general population; yet this population has difficulty accessing appropriate medical care through the traditional health care system. Lutheran Family Services and People’s Health Center have developed the Health 360 program, a new integrated approach which provides behavioral health and physical health care in one setting. The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation has funded an evaluation of this unique program to determine how integration relates to service access, quality of care and outcomes related to behavioral and physical health


The evaluation will include a quasi-experimental design, comparing the population served through the integrated program to a matched comparison group of persons with mental illness in two nearby communities, who receive behavioral health services from Lutheran Family Services, but not through an integrated care model. Documenting how integrated care can be implemented and understanding the potential benefits and limitations of this model will help other programs interested in addressing this important issue.

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