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University of Nebraska Public Policy Center

Nebraska Department of Natural Resources Consultation

PPC researchers are working with Department of Natural Resources senior leadership and division leaders to provide consultation and research, design survey tools, and compile data to support the department’s mission. Some of the products of the consultation have been:

  • Assessment of Nebraskans’ views of water management
  • Evaluation of employee experiences
  • Development of outcome-oriented metrics
  • Surveys of water users and stakeholders
  • Improvements to online tools
  • Increased capacity, efficiency, and coordination of communications to stakeholders and the general public
  • Staff development to improve: understanding of legislatively-mandated processes, communications, employee onboarding, supervisory practices, and communications with stakeholders
  • Facilitation of stakeholder groups to establish participation and decision-making policies (Water Task Force, Upper Platte Basin, Republican River Basin)
  • Development of products

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