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University of Nebraska Public Policy Center

Platte River Habitat Partnership Survey

Nebraska’s native prairies are a valued resource and under constant anthropogenic demand and degradation. By engaging land owners in voluntary programs, the Platte River Habitat Partnership aims to restore and enhance this important natural resource. In this project, the Public Policy Center conducted a survey to assess land owners’ perceptions of the Platte River Habitat Partnership to help direct the Partnership’s second phase. Specifically, land owners who live in the region covered by the Partnership but did not participate, and those that did participate in the Partnership were surveyed in order to answer four key questions:

1. How knowledgeable are these land owners about the Partnership?
2. What is the nature of these land owners’ interactions with the Partnership?
3. How is the Partnership itself generally perceived by these land owners?
4. What would encourage land owners who had not participated in the Partnership to participate?

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