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University of Nebraska Public Policy Center

Prosper Lincoln

Prosper Lincoln is an initiative that follows up on the results of Lincoln Vital Signs project reports, which provide a unique and timely opportunity to build conversations and collaborations for addressing community issues in Lincoln. As part of this initiative, the Public Policy Center synthesized data gathered from citywide engagement events that culminated in an action-oriented community agenda.

More than 2,100 ideas from Lincoln residents were used to craft a shared community agenda that focuses on three main areas: Early Childhood, Employment Skills, and Innovation. Everyone in the community is invited to be a part of creating opportunities for the people who live, work, and play in Lincoln. If you are interested in reading the Prosper Lincoln Strategic Plan or learning how you can get involved, please visit the Prosper Lincoln website for ideas on how to take action, ways to give your time, or instructions for making a donation.

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If you were unable to attend, the 2017 Prosper Lincoln Summit is available in its entirety here (LNKTV City):


Prosper Lincoln leaders discuss the strategic plan here (LNKTV City):


The 2016 Prosper Lincoln Summit, is available to watch here (LNKTV City):


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