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University of Nebraska Public Policy Center

reEnergize Lincoln Program Evaluation

The reEnergize program was a joint effort between Omaha and Lincoln to finance residential energy evaluations and energy upgrades for more than 1,300 local properties. Funded by a $10 million federal grant from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, this program reached 485 residences in Lincoln before expiring in May of 2013. The Public Policy Center was contracted by reEnergize Lincoln to evaluate the program’s effectiveness and determine strategies for improving the reach of similar programs in the future.

In Study 1, the Public Policy Center contacted 184 program participants with a combination phone and online survey concerning their satisfaction with each step of the program’s process, from initial sign-up to final payment and reimbursement. In Study 2, 302 Lincoln residents, including program participants and non-participants alike, participated in an online survey concerning their familiarity with and interest in a variety of local energy efficiency programs. The results from these two studies provide clear direction for future programs in encouraging residential energy efficiency.

Want to see how this research added up to real world results for people in our community? Take a look at this video from Channel 5:

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