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University of Nebraska Public Policy Center

Taking Charge 2015

For several years, the Public Policy Center has collaborated with the City of Lincoln to gather public input on issues important to Lincoln residents. In past years, thousands of Lincoln residents have participated in online surveys and face-to-face conversations that have had a direct impact on decisions made about specific City programs. In 2015, we continued the project with a focus on City satisfaction. More specifically, residents were invited to participate in one of more of three opportunities: First, all residents could participate in an online survey (“Taking Charge Citizen Satisfaction Survey” available at If selected, residents were also invited to complete a mail survey on the same topics. The Bureau of Sociological Research (BOSR) assisted in conducting a random sample mail survey that provided results generalizable to the Lincoln population. Third, residents could discuss issues related to City services at These three opportunities provided us with feedback on how the City of Lincoln was doing in a number of areas, including but not limited to City parks maintenance, City library services, ease of traffic, and neighborhood conditions.

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