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University of Nebraska Public Policy Center

Training in Theory and Application of Cross-scale Resilience in Agriculturally Dominated Social Ecological Systems

The University of Nebraska Public Policy Center along with other University of Nebraska-Lincoln researchers, led by Craig Allen (School of Natural Resources) received a five year National Science Foundation Research Traineeship Program grant to establish an interdisciplinary graduate training program focused on understanding resilience and vulnerability in agricultural landscapes. Approximately 20 master’s and doctoral students will take part in research, specialized coursework and seminars exposing them to resilience and panarchy theory, policy development, modeling, and technology. To link theory with practice, the program also includes management professionals from partnering agencies and nongovernmental institutions. There will also be an international training piece of the project that taps into an existing collaboration between the university and the IHE Delft Institute for Water Education in the Netherlands. Students will learn field, measurement and laboratory skills in an environment with Nebraska-like river systems but different climate, economic and social factors.

Nancy Shank, PhD, MBA is a co-Principal Investigator and will participate in traineeship program creation, promotion, and delivery.

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