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University of Nebraska Public Policy Center

Trust and Confidence Interdisciplinary Postdoctoral Fellow

Although various theories of trust and confidence have been proposed, no comprehensive framework yet exists. Trust and confidence research has been undermined by failures to develop models that incorporate the various trust- and confidence-related factors, a lack of clarity regarding what is even meant by trust- and confidence-related terms, and so on. This postdoctoral fellow project (SES-1228559) lead by Dr. Alan Tomkins, Dr. Brian Bornstein, Dr. Sarah Michaels, Dr. Lisa PytlikZillig, and Dr. David Rottman, took an interdisciplinary approach to theorizing and testing a comprehensive stage theory of trust/confidence in governmental institutions. The project built on previous and existing studies by the research team in criminal justice, hacktivism, municipal government budgeting, and water regulatory contexts, and extended the focus to minority health disparity issues. Tess Neal (PhD, Univ of Alabama; Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Massachusetts Medical School) and Ellie Shockley (PhD, Univ of Chicago) served as the postdoctoral fellows.

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