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University of Nebraska Public Policy Center


The University of Nebraska Public Policy Center is a respected institution that works with not only academics but also all branches of the government at local, state and federal levels. We create effective partnerships, conduct policy-relevant research, and facilitate public participation in order to impact policy-relevant change throughout the state as well as nationally.

Center staffers regularly receive high praise for high quality research and processes completed within time frames and budgets. Our innovative researchers bring a wealth of knowledge and experience in a wide variety of disciplinary backgrounds and are regularly invited to present at national conferences and publish their findings in scholarly journals.

When you work with us, you work with researchers who are committed to using the best evidence-based practices to bear upon the problems that vex our communities, state, and nation. We enjoy collaborating with policymakers and communities to define the issue, determine optimal alternatives for resolving the issue, and evaluating results. Most importantly, we value the uncommon results that can be achieved when researchers work with people who know and live the issues in which we become involved.