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University of Nebraska Public Policy Center

Services Provided

Program Evaluation Design and Analysis

The University of Nebraska Public Policy Center conducts high quality, program evaluations, with our efforts to date concentrated in the areas of criminal justice, mental health, healthcare, emergency management, and human services. Our approach is to work in partnership with stakeholders to define evaluation questions, plan evaluation activities, interpret results, and use findings to make (and sometimes implement) program changes. We use quantitative and qualitative techniques, or the combination of the two (mixed methods), in order to answer key questions for decision makers. We have the capacity to scale our approach and work across multiple sites. Our capabilities include survey design, data analysis, report generation, interviews, focus groups, geographic or photographic data, and processes to increase evaluation capacity of stakeholders.


Project Management

The Center brings high-level expertise in managing and integrating projects, from small to statewide and from short-term to multi-year. Examples of the Center’s program integration and management services include: managing the work of multiple committees and boards to achieve a common purpose, negotiating with sub-contractors, agenda-setting and convening meetings and conferences, developing informational materials, overseeing research, coordinating drafting and passage of legislation and administrative rule change, advising client at decision points, grant and contract writing, planning and implementing projects and programs, ensuring open communication among stakeholders, and evaluating process and outcome results.


Strategic Planning and Facilitation Services

The Center provides facilitation and related decision support services to public policy stakeholders engaging in collaboration efforts. We have trained, neutral facilitators with experience in: problem definition; planning processes and outcomes, strategic planning, facilitating large public engagement events, consensus-building, and setting organizational priorities and action plans. Center researchers work collaboratively with lead stakeholders to design and execute customized processes that will best meet their needs. We work with the convener to create the facilitation framework and determine the processes, including: determining the scope, length, location, and timing of facilitated events; developing and pursuing desired invitees; collecting data from participants or others prior to our during the facilitation process; creating materials for the event; engaging and training breakout group facilitators; managing and “hosting” the flow of the event including the actual facilitation to engage in the consensus-building and problem-solving; changing course of the plan, in consultation with the client; creating opportunities for feedback and debriefing throughout and after a facilitation process; recording the events; and producing draft and final products based on the facilitation. Our facilitation services have ranged from small, single-day events to yearlong strategic planning processes involving hundreds. Products include: recording discussion content and focusing decision-making; providing a draft for the permanent record; debriefing and in overall planning.


Grants Development and Management

The Center works with clients to pursue and manage funding opportunities to support policy-related initiatives. Center researchers bring long experience in public and private funding at the local, state, and national levels, and in applied and research grants. The Center provides a variety of services in this area including: identifying funding opportunities, developing grant proposals, creating budgets and timelines, executing agreements, managing grant funds in accordance with funder requirements, submitting required fiscal and programmatic reporting.


Multimedia Development and Hosting

The Center provides a variety of multimedia options to support policy-focused activities, including: design and hosting of websites; photography and videography; streaming web videos; and design and production of promotional materials. Depending on the size and scale of the needs of our clients, the Center may access excellent, longer relationships with other University units such as Nebraska Educational Telecommunications.