Staff Snapshot: Elizabeth Gleason

Staff Snapshot:

Meet some of the researchers and staff members who make PPC such a great place to work! 

For today's staff snapshot, we spoke with Research Specialist, Elizabeth Gleason, who has experience as a research analyst focusing on safety net and child support policy. 

Q&A with Elizabeth Gleason

  • What is something you have learned from your work and collaborations?
    The importance of both friendliness and organizational skills. 
  • How do you think the Center’s work impacts Nebraskans? 
    Well-run programs hopefully benefit everyone. I hope my own work grows the state’s capacity for responding to natural disasters and helps the volunteers who run disaster response organizations have the tools and knowledge they need.
  • What is the best advice you’ve ever been given?
    Try not to be too hard on yourself. 
  • What/who inspires/motivates you?
    As a millennial, I am fueled primarily by caffeine, but I’m also really inspired by my friends who work in all sorts of different fields but have found success through determination and hard work.  
  • What is one challenge have you faced in your career and how did you overcome it?
    I’ve walked into a lot of different positions not knowing anything about the area I was going to be working in, which has taught me to be both flexible and willing to jump into new areas of research.