Headshot of David Hansen
Faculty Fellow

David Hansen

Focus Areas
Health & Behavioral Health
Violence & Suicide Prevention

Dr. Hansen joined the faculty in 1992. He received his Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from the University of Mississippi in 1985. Dr. Hansen is Director of the Clinical Psychology Training Program and the Law-Psychology Program. His primary research area is child maltreatment (sexual abuse, physical abuse, and neglect), including development of assessments and interventions for victims and families, maltreatment prevention, and understanding the correlates and consequences of maltreatment.  Dr. Hansen is the Co-Director of the Family Interaction Skills Clinic (with Dr. Mary Fran Flood) and Director of Project SAFE, a clinical treatment program for sexually abused children and their families. Dr. Hansen’s teaching interests include clinical psychology, psychological assessment and intervention, clinical supervision, and family violence. Please see Dr. Hansen’s Child Maltreatment Research Team website for additional information on research and clinical service/training opportunities.


Ph.D., Clinical Psychology, University of Mississippi, 1985