Women's History Month: Jennifer Farley

Staff Spotlight:

In honor of Women's History Month, we want to lift up the voices and victories of women. We asked PPC researchers and staff to share their advice for young women today. During the month of March, we will be sharing their replies. Today, we spoke with Research Manager Jennifer Farley, whose work focuses on education and includes research and evaluation projects specific to school culture and climate, family engagement, and diverse learners. 

Q&A with Jennifer Farley  

  • What advice do you have for young women today? 
    There are lots of ways to get where you want to go—don’t be afraid to break with tradition or convention and blaze a new trail to get there.
  • What is one way your life/work has been impacted by women? 
    My life and work have been impacted by women in all the ways.  However, if I had to pick only one, I’d say that I’ve benefitted from incredible mentorship from the women who have managed my work and research throughout my career. I would not be where I am today if not for the incredible examples they set for me, as well as their support, advice, and encouragement. 
  • Can you think of a specific project you have worked on that directly impacts women? 
    Prior to moving to Nebraska, I evaluated the Chrysalis Foundation’s After-School Programming. This program provided gender-specific after-school programming for girls in about 30 elementary and middle schools in Central Iowa. It is really a remarkable program, with positive outcomes in the areas of leadership, resilience, financial literacy, health and wellness. But I was always most impressed with the results around the connection the girls made with each other and how the program fostered girls’ ability to develop new friendships, positive peer relationships, and a sense of “sisterhood.”