2022 Great Plains Association of Threat Assessment Professionals - Preconference Workshop

Virtual or In-Person at University of Nebraska City Campus Union, Platte River Room South • 1400 R Street • Lincoln, NE 68588

Mobile crisis response personnel and law enforcement must often make decisions after only one encounter with a person about their mental status and risk for violence or suicide. This workshop focuses specifically on elements related to the decision about a person’s risk for targeted violence toward others. Dr. Mario Scalora will guide the workshop to illustrate how a threat assessment approach can be applied in the field when professionals must make preliminary decisions with limited time and information.

Theme: Field Assessment of Violence Risk
Date/time: October 12, 2022, 1:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. (Central)
Note: Registrants will be able to attend in-person or online via Zoom

Registration: Attendees registering for the preconference have the option of:

  • Face-to-Face Registration
  • Virtual Registration

If you registered for the in-person preconference but would like to switch to virtual, please contact Jason Shonerd at jason.shonerd@unl.edu or call 402-472-0194.

Who Should Attend: Mobile crisis response team members, mental health professionals, law enforcement, healthcare, and security professionals charged with rapid assessment of a person’s risk for targeted violence in operational environments. Participants should come to the workshop with some background or experience in assessment or triage decision-making.

Planned Speakers:

  • Mario Scalora, PhD, Univ. of Nebraska Public Policy Center
    • Field Assessment of Violence Risk


  1. Describe the elements of evaluating risk of targeted violence
  2. Apply a threat assessment lens when assessing violence risk
  3. Identify key sources of accessible information in field assessments
  4. Compare indicators of risk to harm to self and risk of targeted violence toward others
  5. Describe a framework for communicating results of field assessments
  6. Construct questions to follow-up with individuals who have indicators of targeted violence risk

Event Hosts:
This event is hosted by the Association of Threat Assessment Professionals Great Plains Chapter, Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services—Division of Behavioral Health, and the University of Nebraska Public Policy Center.

Registration Cost: $25 (both in-person and virtual)

If you have questions, please contact:
Jason Shonerd | jason.shonerd@unl.edu | 402-472-0194


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