D.C. Academy - Academics

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The Washington D.C. Professional Enrichment Academy brings together students from all four University of Nebraska campuses for a summer of academic, cultural and social enrichment in our nation’s capital. The program consists of a weekly seminar and various activities in June and July. Students build a network over the summer and share their experiences during the Academy seminars to supplement the field-specific experiences interns receive.


As a part of the Professional Enrichment Academy weekly seminars, we will focus on the following themes over the summer:

  • Welcome to Living and Working in Washington, DC
  • Washington Meets the World
  • Policymaking in Congress
  • Policymaking in the Executive Branch and Federal Agencies
  • Career and Leadership Preparation
  • The News Media in American Democracy
  • NU Alumni Networking Reception
  • Policymaking in the Courts
  • Policy Advocacy for Higher Education and Summer Program Reflections