Key Takeaways of the 2022 Lincoln Vital Signs Report

The Lincoln Journal Star and Nebraska Today are highlighting key findings of the 2022 Lincoln Vital Signs report, which was published in June 2022 to Results point to the areas in which Lincoln is doing well as a community (decreased homelessness and food insecurity, low crime rates), persistent concerns (inequities in areas such as graduation rates and employment), and overall population shifts (increasing ethnic/racial diversity, aging population).

The most recent report finds: 

  • Lincoln's population continues to change, with a growing percentage of people of color and ages 65+ showing the largest increase in the past decade.
  • Lincoln is a safe and secure community with a consistently low crime rate.
  • Disparities in education & economic attainment persist among people of different socioeconomic status and racial/ethic groups.

This Fall, NUPPC staff are working with the Lincoln Community Foundation to give a series of presentations to further disseminate information from the report. Presentations to several organizations and community groups will be provided by the authors of the report, Dr. Stacey Hoffman, Alyssa Sloane, and Taylor Smith.

Learn more about the key findings from the 2022 Lincoln Vital Signs report. Lead partners on the effort include the University of Nebraska Public Policy Center and the Lincoln Community Foundation. Read more in the Lincoln Journal Star and Nebraska Today or visit to see the full report.