Safe2Help Nebraska Progress Report Highlights Impact of Anonymous Reporting Line for Nebraskans

Safe2Help Nebraska is a reporting system designed for students, staff, and parents to anonymously report concerning behavior which could impact the safety of students or schools across Nebraska. Reports may include, but are not limited to: School Threats, Bullying/Cyberbullying, Suicide Concern, Crime, Domestic Violence, Child Abuse, and a Friend’s Physical or Mental Health. Safe2Help Nebraska gives the caller and the person of concern access to these trained staff in real time: crisis counselors, threat assessment teams (school responders), licensed mental health professionals, and law enforcement (if needed).

The latest Safe2Help Nebraska progress report shows the impact of the Safe2Help anonymous reporting line for Nebraskans, since its beginning in January 2020 through November 2023 when the report was issued. The report, which was shared with the Nebraska Legislature, shows the following statistics about the reporting system:

  • The line received 2,716 tips from January 2020 through November 2023
  • An increased number of monthly tips were reported each year
  • The reporting system currently serves 64% of the entire student population in the state, across 90 Nebraska school districts
  • The majority of reports related to a person of concern come from middle school students (43%) and high school students (38%)
  • Out of all the tips received, 49% were made on a mobile device, 36% on the web, and 15% via a phone call
  • The largest number of tips (22%) concerned issues related to bullying
  • In a majority of cases (82%) suicide threat tips were secured safely without involving law enforcement

One of the aims of Safe2Help Nebraska is to promote community engagement related to safety concerns, particularly through school districts in partnership with law enforcement and behavioral health.

  • A majority of the outcomes noted (49%) involved school personnel engaging the person of interest via a range of non-disciplinary and administrative strategies
  • Disciplinary activity by school districts were noted in 11% of cases overall
  • Behavioral health interventions were noted in 14% of the cases reported
  • Suicide threat reports that did not need law enforcement intervention were at 82% and these cases were handled by collaboration between the school district and BoysTown hotline, while 18% did involve law enforcement utilizing a check for well-being
  • Overall, direct law enforcement involvement took place in 14% of the cases and only 2% of the total reports resulted in a citation or arrest

You can download the app at See news coverage of the status report at via the link below. news 

Project partners for Safe2Help NE include: Nebraska Department of Education Boys Town Nebraska University of Nebraska Public Policy Center Nebraska Council of School Administrators