Senior Research Manager Named Outstanding Civic Health Partner by Civic Nebraska

On April 29, Civic Nebraska will honor Nebraskans of all ages whose efforts ensure a more modern and robust democracy in the Cornhusker State. The 2021 Strengthening Democracy Awards honorees include educators, advocates, students, and everyday Nebraskans who demonstrate exceptional civic leadership and who embody Civic Nebraska’s vision of a collaborative, innovative society.

Senior Research Manager Janell Walther will be honored as the Outstanding Civic Health Partner for research excellence in the realm of public and civic engagement and policy. Dr. Walther helped build a framework for the 2020 Nebraska Civic Health Index, a comprehensive look at the elements of Nebraska’s civic life. In 2021, Walther also played a key role in What Our Neighbors Said, an in-depth report from Collective Impact Lincoln that delves into issues and solutions in the city’s core neighborhoods. See the full list of honorees.

Civic Nebraska will honor all of the winners during a virtual ceremony at 5 p.m. CDT April 29 on Zoom. The event is free and open to the public. RSVP via Eventbrite.