Staff Snapshot: Denise Bulling

Staff Snapshot:

Meet some of the researchers and staff members who make PPC such a great place to work! 

For today's staff snapshot, we spoke with Senior Research Director, Denise Bulling, whose research interests include behavioral health policy, disaster and homeland security issues, and threat assessment.

Q&A with Denise Bulling:

  • What is something you have learned from your work and collaborations? 
    Ideas are not good or bad – some are just easier to imagine or implement than others. 
  • How do you think the Center’s work impacts Nebraskans? 
    We often work behind the scenes to ensure policy and services offered to Nebraskans are evaluated, based on the best available research, and fairly administered. 
  • What is the best advice you’ve ever been given? 
    Be kind and value connections. 
  • What/who inspires/motivates you?
    I am inspired and motivated by the partners we work with and people we serve.