Staff Snapshot: Khadijah Davis

Staff Snapshot:

Meet some of the researchers and staff members who make PPC such a great place to work! 

For today's staff snapshot, we spoke with Research Coordinator, Khadijah Davis, whose interests include health law/policies, international relations, public health programming, and HIV research.

Q&A with Khadijah Davis

  • What is something you have learned from your work and collaborations?
    As someone who was not raised in Nebraska, I learned a lot about Nebraska’s needs and various communities within the state. There is a wealth of knowledge about any topic you could think of, and I’m always learning something new.
  • How do you think the Center’s work impacts Nebraskans? 
    The Center’s work highlights the unique voices and perspectives of Nebraskans. 
  • What is the best advice you’ve ever been given?
    The best advice I’ve received is to always know that you belong and that your voice/experiences have immense power. 
  • What/who inspires/motivates you?
    My family, friends, and communities constantly inspire and motivate me.
  • What is one challenge you have faced in your career and how did you overcome it?
    Being a Black and Latina woman, I have faced many challenges dealing with my perceived ability and competency level based on my appearance. I overcame these challenges by having a strong support system, continuing to push for diversity of thought, and holding myself/others accountable for our words and actions.