Staff Snapshot: Quinn Lewandowski

Staff Snapshot:

Meet some of the researchers and staff members who make PPC such a great place to work! 

For today's staff snapshot, we spoke with Senior Research Specialist, Quinn Lewandowski, whose areas of interests include behavioral health and policy, statistics, mental and physical health, and bicycle safety.

Q&A with Quinn Lewandowski:

  • What is something you have learned from your work and collaborations?
    I have learned the importance of the human connection, as well as listening to who you are trying to help.
  • How do you think the Center’s work impacts Nebraskans? 
    Our work impacts Nebraskans in all sorts of ways, often without them realizing it. Just off of the top of my head, for example: we’ve helped improve systems and processes in a variety of different areas, provided training to literally thousands of Nebraskans (over 11,000 Nebraska educators & staff completed one of our online trainings alone in the 2020-2021 school year), helped shape strategic planning and implementation of community and system-wide change, and evaluated a number efforts within our state to determine their effectiveness.
  • What is the best advice you’ve ever been given?
    Never stop learning and trying new things!
  • What/who inspires/motivates you?
    Who: My wife Catie. Not only is she an amazing human being and spouse, but she has been my mentor, the extra voice of confidence when I need it most, and my inspiration to be the best version of myself.
    What: My general desire to leave this Earth having made a difference.
  • What is one challenge you have faced in your career and how did you overcome it?
    I would say that I’m generally a shy and “introverted” person, but I think once I realized that my fears and anxieties of being extraverted were literally all in my head, I was able to communicate, collaborate, and work through problems with others more effectively.