Aiden Quinn
Research Specialist II

Aiden Quinn

Aiden joins the Public Policy Center from the Center for Reducing Health Disparities at UNMC. They have an extremely varied background including extensive experience as a paralegal, providing executive protection and private corporate security, investigating financial crimes and money laundering, and most recently conducting LGBTQ+ health disparity and sexual health research. They hold a B.S. in Justice and Law Administration from Western Connecticut State University, an M.A. in Criminal Justice/Homeland Security Administration from Monmouth University, an M.A. in Sociology from UNO, and are pursuing a Ph.D. in Health Promotion/Disease Prevention at UNMC. Originally from New York, Aiden moved to Omaha in 2014 and then to Lincoln in 2021.


B.S., Justice and Law Administration, Western Connecticut State University
M.A., Criminal Justice/Homeland Security Administration, Monmouth University
M.A., Sociology, University of Nebraska Omaha