Student Feature: Sophie Brendel

Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

I am a second year student at UNL who is originally from Lake Winnebago, Missouri. On campus, I am involved in the Business Honors Academy, Clifton Builders program, and as a Residential Assistant for the honors dorm. Off campus, I am a CrossFit coach and athlete at a local CrossFit gym. In my free time, I love trying new things with new people, singing, and watching cringey reality TV shows. 

What are you studying at the university and what are your future plans?

I am a Business Law major with minors in Clifton Builders Management and Psychology. My future plans are to go to law school, even if not directly out of college, and practice law in the realm of working with people starting businesses, growing their business model, or merging/acquiring new companies.  

How will working at the PPC help you work towards your goals for the future? 

Working at the PPC allows me to dip my toes into a plethora of projects that all work on very diverse topics that, overall, help people in Nebraska. This is beneficial for me to learn more about what is out there affecting communities to apply to any future job. 

 What is something you feel passionate about? 

I am passionate about trying to improve my ability in different areas every day. This is really why I thrive in CrossFit as I try to perfect my form and efficiency in every movement to overall become fitter and more able for all of life's activities. 

What is something that has helped make you the person you are today?

When I was fifteen, I was diagnosed with the rare medical condition called MRKH syndrome. This really helped me to understand that everyone has their own life struggles, and it is so important to be kind to strangers to help their struggles feel just a little bit smaller. Also, having this medical condition has forced me to make choices about my future and realize that alternative choices for big life decisions are totally acceptable. I have learned it is always best to ask someone 'why' and learn more rather than make any assumptions about why they made a decision.