Suicide Prevention Course Reaches Over 10,000 School Educators and Staff

The Public Policy Center's management and creation of the “Building a Suicide-Safe School Community” course has resulted in more than 10,500 educators and staff completing the training in school districts throughout Nebraska during the 2020-2021 school year. Educators and staff can take this course to meet their required suicide prevention and mental health training requirement and it is part of a statewide effort to increase suicide prevention in schools. This course was developed by Dr. Don Belau and the PPC’s Dr. Denise Bulling, Dr. Kate Speck, and Ryan Lowry-Lee.

This free online interactive training is designed for faculty and staff, introducing concepts that help staff understand what to do if a student is contemplating suicide and what to do to appropriately respond to a suicide using postvention measures. Postvention is an organized response in the aftermath of a suicide.