Undergraduate Research Assistant Selected for Yeutter Institute Summer Internship

Congratulations to Zachary Cheek, one of our undergraduate research assistants, on being selected by the Yeutter Institute for a summer internship focusing on applied economics. Zachary will take part in a research project with the chair of the agricultural economics department at Cargill, where he will be focusing on international trade issues. Zachary's past research experience includes his work at the PPC and an independent project through the UCARE program at UNL. He recently spent time interning for Congressman Bacon in Omaha, who is a member of the House Agriculture Committee.

"The Yeutter Institute 2021 summer internship is an opportunity to learn applied economics, Excel, and data skills, and develop presentation and writing abilities. A team of up to five students will spend the summer researching applied trade topics for Cargill under the mentorship of John Beghin, faculty chair and agricultural economist in the Yeutter Institute."     — Yeutter Institute