Women's History Month: Alyssa Sloane

Staff Spotlight:

In honor of Women's History Month, we want to lift up the voices and victories of women. We asked PPC researchers and staff to share their advice for young women today. During the month of March, we will be sharing their replies. Today, we spoke with Research Coordinator Alyssa Sloane, whose interests include American foreign policy, international relations, and the protection of human rights and civil liberties. 

Q&A with Alyssa Sloane  

  • What advice do you have for young women today? 
    Know your worth! Don’t let self-doubts prevent you from reaching your goals. Apply for that job or run for that position—you are qualified!  
  • What is one way your life/work has been impacted by women? 
    It has been impacted in every way, from the women before me who broke glass ceilings to the women in my family who always support me. 
  • Who inspires or motivates you?
    Other women at the PPC! I am fortunate to have so many women role models in leadership positions.
  • Can you think of a specific project you have worked on that directly impacts women? 
    Creating interactive visualizations and graphs for data shared on the Lincoln Vital Signs website, which presents statistics on how Lincoln compares to other communities in areas like education, behavioral health services, childcare costs, and families in poverty.