Headshot of Janell Walther
Research Director

Janell Walther

Focus Areas
Civil & Government Systems
Community Engagement
Disaster & Emergency Planning
Education & School Safety
Health & Behavioral Health
Violence & Suicide Prevention

Dr. Janell Walther joined the Public Policy Center in 2006. Dr. Walther’s research interests include civic engagement, behavioral healthcare promotion and provision in mixed settings such as schools and integrated care facilities, nonprofit organizing, and community development. She teaches, offers training, and guest lectures in the areas of public and professional speaking, public engagement, nonprofit organizing, and facilitation. She specializes in stakeholder engagement models, strategic planning, qualitative and mixed methodology, and evaluation. Key to her work is making sure that research and evaluation findings are accessible, inclusive, and translational. Dr. Walther is most interested in helping communicate complex ideas to policymakers and the public to help improve decision-making. She received her Ph.D. in Communication Studies from the University of Nebraska–Lincoln


Ph.D., Communication Studies, University of Nebraska–Lincoln, 2018

M.A., Communication Studies, University of Nebraska–Lincoln, 2013

B.A., English, Kansas State University, 2003