Diversity & Inclusion


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The University of Nebraska Public Policy Center (NUPPC) is committed to inclusive excellence and diversity. Diversity, equity, and inclusion are values that strengthen the NUPPC culture, research efforts, and community engagement.

Our mission is to increase our capacity toward greater diversity, equity, and inclusivity throughout NUPPC’s research, engagement, and culture.


The NUPPC diversity and inclusion strategy considers diversity and inclusion in these areas: NUPPC’s (1) internal climate and culture, (2) work conducting research and consultation, and (3) engagement with stakeholders. This plan may evolve and be regularly revised with increased experience and as UNL’s diversity and inclusion strategy evolves.

NUPPC promotes and adheres to UNL policies, procedures, and practices that impact NUPPC diversity and inclusion efforts.


Within NUPPC, the Diversity and Inclusion Committee actively coordinates and provides research and professional development opportunities and resources to Center staff about diversity and inclusion considerations in research, methodology, and practices. The committee coordinates internal diversity and inclusion educational activities and hosts open discussions about diversity, equity, and inclusion in Center research and engagement projects.


In October 2019, The Office of Diversity and Inclusion established the Council of Inclusive Excellence and Diversity, on which the NUPPC serves. The Council is utilizing a collective impact approach to ensure all departments and centers at UNL have a diversity strategy.